The Principal’s Message

Mr Frank Monagle


Mr Frank Monagle

It is very exciting to be involved with Hartford College as foundation Principal. I have been a foundation Principal before, and the opportunity to do so once more - always improving on what has gone before - is invigorating. 

The dream to bring the liberal arts into a school context fulfils a dream from the past. To do this alongside close collaboration with parents for the full character development of their child, truly is a dream come true. 

Young hearts and minds should be given the freedom to become the best men they were created to be. I have always believed that self-knowledge leads to self-command: the continuous cultivation of good habits and virtues. These enable one to live as a mature, happy, and autonomous individual. This character growth will also enable each child to reach his full academic potential. 

This growth, in academe, virtue, sport, and otherwise, will lead our young men towards being the people they were created to be. 

Thank you for your interest, and I hope to meet you soon at Hartford College.