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Gamification and Education- More than just fun and games

In this article, Hartford College Deputy Headmaster, Ian Mejia, explains the critical ingredients required for the effective use of gamification in improving student engagement and learning outcomes.


Sport for Life

Hartford College embraces Sport for Life – a longer-term view of active wellness than that adopted by the vast majority of schools.  Sport for Life taps into each individual boy’s innate desire for active skills.


10 Great Parenting Tips for Educating Children

Andrew Mullins is the Author of Parenting for Character (2005) Finch Publishing. Through his extensive experience as a School Principal, where he regularly counsels parents, he has distilled his wisdom into a short article for CathFamily. The following is an excerpt.


Anxious about anxiety? Lessons from the front line

Childhood anxiety impacts more families than you might realise – many of which suffer in silence. In this article, Hartford College’s Headmaster, James Burfitt, draws on his extensive experience working with anxious children and their parents. It can be a tough journey but not one that has to be navigated alone…


Hartford College – Father and Son Camps

At Hartford College, the development of boys’ character is a principle that guides everything we do. Working with you as your son develops and grows up extends well beyond the classroom.

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Mentoring boys – why it’s so important for their future

Hartford College is committed to a great education that is more than just academic excellence. We believe that character is a key developmental focus on the journey from childhood to adulthood.


Hands on Fathering

Being a good dad has almost always been a case of succeeding against the odds. The conspiracy of cultural expectations, work culture or a misguided notion of what it is to be a man