Deputy Headmaster (DH)
Hartford College

About Hartford College

Hartford College is Australia’s first Liberal Arts school for boys (years 5-12) based in Sydney’s South East.

Our highly regarded mentoring program, unique liberal arts curriculum and parent focused philosophy sets Hartford apart.

Our school motto: ‘Dare to think. Dare to know.’ challenges the common sentiment of “group think” permeating our society, and encourages students to think outside the box, to ask difficult questions and to have courage in pursuing the truth.

We want Hartford students to be critical thinkers, to challenge themselves, to develop a thirst for knowledge, and strive for more.

We are confident that our unique approach to a holistic education will be key in producing the great-hearted young men our society needs.


About the Position

This position is permanent full time, commencing Term 2, 2024 or earlier. The Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School will have overall responsibility for:

  • Coordinating the teaching and learning, operational, and pastoral demands of the school.
  • Working collaboratively with teacher, students, and parents to improve the learning and outcomes and character development of students.
  • Drive staff initiatives, including the continual professional development and recruitment of suitable staff.
  • Facilitating the engagement within the learning community of staff, parents, teachers, and students.
  • Executing areas of the areas of strategic plan that fall their scope of responsibilities


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Report regularly to the Principal regarding the overall operational, educational, and pastoral demands of the school.
  • Guide, direct and supervise teaching staff throughout the NESA accreditation on an annual basis.
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures as needed in an emerging school.
  • Work closely with stakeholders to continue the development and implementation of Hartford College’s unique, integrated cross-disciplinary liberal arts curriculum.
  • Ensure the selection of staff is targeted towards the above goals with respect to Hartford’s curriculum.
  • Work closely with the Principal to implement the day-to-day operations of the school, in addition to coordinating relevant events relating to student life and staff development.
  • Work closely with the Principal in fostering relationships with all relevant stakeholders and continuing to drive enrolments to the school.
  • Support coordination of all communication to parents, in addition to supporting the Principal in delivering the school’s newsletter.
  • Support the school’s clubs, co-curricular activities, excursions, camps, and parent functions.
  • Provide the Principal with strategic input in the areas of curriculum, staffing, building, policy and accreditation.


Selection Criteria - to be considered for this role, you must demonstrate proven experience in:

  • Developing and maintaining a culture that is characterised by high performance, continuous improvement, data informed decision making and a commitment to best practice.
  • developing and implementing effective strategies for high-quality selection, induction and professional development of staff.
  • leading a culture of effective partnerships within the learning community, local areas, and relevant stakeholders.
  • your personal example of counselling, leadership and guidance, fostering an authentic Catholic ethos.


Renumeration Package

The potential salary for the role will be negotiated and will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.

The school recognises the importance of attracting top talent and is committed to offering a competitive salary package that reflects the skills and expertise required for the role.

The specific details of the salary will be discussed during the hiring process to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial agreement for both the candidate and the school.


To Apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply by submitting their CV, a cover letter, and a separate document addressing the Selection Criteria outlined above.

The CV should highlight relevant educational and professional qualifications, along with previous experience in educational leadership roles.

In the cover letter, candidates should express their enthusiasm for the position, outline their leadership philosophy, and demonstrate how their skills and experience align with the responsibilities and objectives of the role.

Addressing the Selection Criteria should provide specific strategies and approaches the candidate plans to implement to successfully fulfill the role's objectives.

Applications should be sent via email to ian.mejia@hartfordcollege.nsw.edu.au no later than 11 March 2024.