Hartford College – Father and Son Camps

11 August 2021

Character is King!

At Hartford College, the development of boys’ character is a principle that guides everything we do. Working with you as your son develops and grows up extends well beyond the classroom. A school might say it focuses on building strong bonds between parents and boys… at Hartford College; we live it!

Father/son camps are not as common these days as they once were – families are incredibly busy. But there are amazing benefits in taking time out from the busyness and investing in quality, dedicated time with loved ones, especially fathers and their sons.

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We have seen many families benefit from the experience of father and son spending a few days away from other men and their boys. It is a technology-free time to do something different, exciting, and meaningful.

The camp is X days in duration, and our approach includes a parents’ meeting before the camp to discuss how the event complements the Hartford curriculum, what to expect, and how to get the most out of the experience. Mothers are very much a part of our program, encouraging involvement and welcoming home and discussing all that was experienced and learned.

Boys that attend the camp learn leadership, teamwork, and independence skills. In later years, boys who have attended the camp can mentor younger lads and help them prepare to get the most out of their own father/son camp.

The camp is often a great launchpad for young men as they step into leadership roles, service to the community, and simply gaining the confidence to embrace the journey to adulthood better.

At Hartford, academic performance is important. But character is king.