Mentoring Individuals

Hartford College is committed to a model of education that is more than just focused on academic excellence.

We believe that character is a key developmental focus on the journey from childhood to adulthood, and so we encourage the home and school to work closely together.

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This is why we employ a personal mentoring program. This program supports our students through their time at school, acting as a sounding board, a developer of critical thinking, and a positive influence in their academic and personal life.

Our mentors are typically teachers at Hartford, and will catch up with their students on a regular basis to reflect on the past, and set goals for the future. These discussions will have a dual focus: first, on academic performance, work ethic, and study attitudes, and second, on character development across all aspects of life.

At the heart of this model are three educators: the parent, the teacher, and the mentor, all working together to help their boy grow into a well-rounded, virtuous man.