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Term 4 - Edition #2

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Principal's Message

Mr Frank Monagle

Mr Paul Murphy

Learning Adventures in Years 5 and 6

Ms. Jenny Hoare 

Mr Paul Murphy

Tour at UNSW Engineering

Mr Ian Mejia

Music and Art Excursion

Miss Marie Yeo

Principal's Message

Frank Monagle, Principal

Dear Parents,


There are only a few weeks to conclude our first year.


The boys should be preparing for their first end-of-year examinations.  While lots of assessment have been done through the year and through this second semester, it is good practice for the boys to put it all together during a special week.  For Years 5 and 6, it is a preparation for high school. For Year 7, the exams contribute largely to their end-of-year assessments and prepare them for the years ahead, right up to the HSC and beyond. With the advent of so-called artificial intelligence, I suspect that written exams are here to stay.  I encourage the boys to make their handwriting as clear as possible, given the time constraints.


Warm regards,


Principle of Hartford College





Learning Adventures in Years 5 and 6

Years 5 and 6 Learning Adventures

The students in Years 5 and 6 have been actively engaged in an abundance of enriching classroom experiences and exciting excursions this term, all designed to ignite

their passion for learning.

Last week, the boys had the pleasure of participating in a fun culinary adventure as part of the 'Fresh for Kids Program.'

An expert cooking instructor, Abbey, visited our classroom and led a terrific session on crafting the delectable delight known as Bruschetta. It was a fun experience where each student had the chance to create and enjoy their own bruschetta.






On Friday, 10th November, we travelled to Penrith to visit the Museum of Fire. This remarkable institution is dedicated to preserving fire-related heritage and promoting fire safety education. The tour commenced with a captivating lesson on the impact of bushfires on the environment and insightful strategies for prevention. Additionally, we delved into the positive aspects of controlled fires, as practised by Aboriginal communities, to shape their surroundings.

The highlight was a hands-on session where the boys donned attire and role-played as firefighters, police officers, and ambulance workers, resulting in fantastic photos capturing the experience. The session ended with a ride aboard a 1950s fire truck, adding a touch of nostalgia to our visit.

Following this interactive session, we had the opportunity to explore the museum at our own pace. Stepping back in time, we immersed ourselves in the rich history of fire and firefighting. The boys were particularly captivated by Australia's largest collection of Fire Brigade vehicles and an extensive array of objects, equipment, memorabilia, and educational displays showcasing the core elements of firefighting.





After a quick lunch, our journey led us to Wollemi College, where we were greeted by an excited assembly of students spanning from Years 3 to 12, all eager to witness our boys in action on the basketball court. The performance of our Hartford boys was impressive, showcasing remarkable composure under pressure.

As the game unfolded, Hartford led in the first half. However, the Wollemi boys gained momentum as the match progressed, displaying improved accuracy in their shots. Wollemi secured victory with a score of 28-19. While the outcome wasn't in our favour, the experience emphasised camaraderie, school spirit, and the formation of new friendships. Mr Mejia was thrilled with the boys' teamwork, spirit, resilience and determination.

Congratulations to all the boys in Years 5 and 6 for their enthusiasm and spirit in all activities. They have all enjoyed new adventures and created memories to cherish.





Birthday Celebrations


Birthday Celebrations have been a highlight throughout the year for our students. From indulgent pizza lunches to the sweetness of Krispy Kreme Donuts and mouthwatering cakes, the array of treats seems limitless. This term, our utilisation of the kitchen area as a canteen has added an extra layer of delight to our celebrations. It serves as the ideal space for gathering, singing, and celebrating birthdays, creating a festive atmosphere that extends to the eagerly awaited Hot Food Friday!


Tour at UNSW Engineering


Mr Ian Mejia, Deputy Principal

Top performing students from Year 7 Tech were given the opportunity to have a personal tour of the UNSW Engineering facilities.

The boys visited the Heavy Structures Lab in Randwick where they learnt about cutting edge building materials and building techniques. From there students visited the Civil and Environmental Engineering facilities where they had a demonstration of the earthquake simulator and 3D Concrete printing machine.


UNSW student ambassadors then toured our students around the Makerspace and Mechanical Engineering facilities, where they saw a flight simulator, wind tunnel, and the UNSW Redback Racing team building their high-performance all electric racecar.


A big thank you to UNSW Engineering for the opportunity.




Music and Art Excursion

Ms. Marie Yeo, music teacher

This term, the Year 7 boys’ excursion consisted of a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW to feast the eyes, an educational stroll through the Sydney Botanical Gardens to nurture the nose and touch, a treat for the tongue with gelato and an experience for the ears by listening to Alexander Gavrylyuk perform Tchaikovsky’s most famous piano concerto with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.


At the Art Gallery of NSW, the boys split into groups and wandered through TikTok alternatives in Renaissance to Romantic art which decorated the halls of the sandstone heritage building. Some of the students studied the contrast between light and dark on late humanist paintings, tested their memory with five or more artists and studied the clothing styles of Roman and Greek figures in early Victorian masterpieces.


After lunch, the boys slowly made their way to the Opera House through the Sydney Botanical Gardens, stopping to study certain botanical species as guided by Mr. Monagle. After a refreshing gelato stop, the students climbed the monumental stairs of the Opera House, seated themselves in their seats and waited for the concert to start with great anticipation.


The concert began with a contemporary French piece of music, Metaboles by Henri Dutilleux, followed by Claude Debussy’s Images for Orchestra. The boys responded well to concert etiquette, clapping only at the end of pieces and not between movements. After a short break, the boys sat down to the awaited piano concerto, Tchaikovsky’s First, watching and listening to the interplay happening between the orchestra and the pianist on stage. The boys did not move an inch throughout, except for those who fell into partial siestas at the last movement. The power of watching a live concert has not lost its charm on our students!









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