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Term 1 - Edition #1

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Principal's Message

Mr Ian Mejia

Mr Paul Murphy

Strengthening Safety and Respect with School Liaison Police

Ms. Jenny Hoare 

Mr Paul Murphy

Teaching and Learning in Years 5 & 6

Ms. Jenny Hoare 

Mr Paul Murphy

From the Chaplain

Fr. Paul Grant

Riding waves: Maths & Tech With Years 7 & 8

Mr Shaughn Gilroy

Principal's Message

Ian Mejia, Principal

Dear Parents,

It was great to see the turnout at our first Key Parent Function of the year. We hope you were able to meet some of the new faces on staff, and welcome some of our new families to the community.

Last Wednesday we celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass with our neighbouring school St. Michael’s, celebrated by the Parish Priest, Fr Phan. This was a great opportunity to involve ourselves in the Parish community and begin our Lenten journey.

It is quite common for us to “give up something,” to fast and sacrifice during Lent but we have also been encouraging the students to think about two other traditions during Lent, that of prayer and almsgiving. Each class has a Project Compassion box where students can make a donation to Caritas Australia. The theme of Project Compassion is For All Future Generations. This year, the focus is on the resilient people in need from the Philippines, Malawi and Samoa.

On Wednesday 6th of March we will be hosting our first Open Day at Hartford. Formalities will run from 9:00am to 10:30am, with a Principal’s address at 9:15am. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining our school community, please invite them to the Open Day.

Looking forward to another great term!

Ian Mejia

Learning Adventures in Years 5 and 6


Ms. Jenny Hoare, Year 5 & 6 teacher


Empowering Education: Strengthening Safety and Respect with School Liaison Police


Last week, Hartford College had the privilege of hosting two dedicated School Liaison Police (SLP) from Maroubra Police Station.


Their visit, integral to our PDHPE Program, aimed to reinforce essential lessons in safety, respect, and kindness among our students. The role of the School Liaison Police (SLP) is to "Increase the positive relationships and remove barriers between the school community and police." The engaging and approachable liaison officers helped our students gain a deeper understanding of the law, the role of the police, and their responsibilities to the community.


Our students enthusiastically participated in discussions ranging from the importance of community safety to the serious nature of harassment and bullying.


As the session unfolded, our students were encouraged to express their concerns and share experiences, fostering open dialogue and mutual support.


Acquiring crucial knowledge about safety, respect and responsibility both online and in the broader community, is fundamental for our students.

The most important message of the day was that being kind to one another and being a proactive bystander contributes to building a safer, more compassionate community.



Ms. Jenny Hoare, Year 5 & 6 teacher


Teaching and Learning in Years 5 and 6 


It has been an exciting and industrious start to the school year for the students in Years 5 and 6. The class are enjoying developing new friendships with the wonderful addition of our beautiful new Year 5 students: Lachlan Harrison, Akash Wild and Leo Leeder.


In our Religious Education lessons, the students are learning about the Liturgical Year, focussing on the season of Lent. The class have learnt the relevance of prayer, sacrifice, almsgiving and fasting as a way of renewing their hearts to show their devotion to their faith and prepare for the suffering death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Each student has made a Lenten promise to show their love and commitment to Christ during this forty-day period.


Term One has been action-packed with the introduction to new and interesting themes in the Key Learning Areas. In History, the class have been investigating the development of the Australian Colonies in the 1800s. Through their inquiry, the students are beginning to gain an insight into what life was like for different groups in the colonial period. Later in this unit, the students will individually investigate one significant person or event that contributed to the development of the Australian Colonies.


Our English focus this term is Narrative Writing. The class is fully engaged in the historical novel 'Nanberry' by Jackie French, which vividly portrays life during the British arrival in Sydney Cove. Set in 1789, the novel follows Surgeon John White, who challenges norms by adopting Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy, as his own son, amidst the establishment of the new colony in Sydney Cove. The novel integrates beautifully with out History Unit on the Australian Colonies.


In our Science unit on ‘Matter’, we are exploring the fundamental properties and states of matter, from solids and liquids to gases. Through hands-on experiments and interactive activities, we will investigate the behaviour and transformations of different substances, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.


It has been a terrific start to the year, and I commend the class for their enthusiasm for learning and exceptional efforts. It is pleasing to see every student wholeheartedly embracing the wonderful sense of community spirit here at Hartford College.



From the Chaplain


Fr. Paul Grant, Chaplain

Good morning, everyone.

Having returned to Hartford last week, we resumed classes focused on virtue, picking up where we left off last year. It was nice to meet all the new students, and welcome them to the College. In our virtue classes, we are working our way through the alphabet. The last virtue began with M for Magnanimity. So we will begin with N for Nobility. Some of the students have expressed concern about virtues beginning with X, Y and Z, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Looking at the New Year, 2024, as always, we can be very hopeful and optimistic. That is what new years, new beginnings are about. Not worrying too much about the past and looking to move forward.

And as you would expect from the Chaplain of Hartford College, supernatural help is always welcome. So we can pray for each other and ask that Our Lady help us. In the words of St. Josemaria Escriva: "Before, by yourself, you couldn't; now you have turned to Our Lady... and with her how easy it is."

And Lent: we will have a class on that topic at the College.


Fr. Paul Grant

Riding Waves: Maths & Tech with Years 7 & 8


As the experienced surfer awaits the perfect wave and can sense it coming in the distance, so too do the Year 7 and 8 boys have the perfect wave approaching them. Through a mix of theory-based knowledge and practical application, the Technology subject for both years (7 & 8) is about to take its form in the creation of their assessment pieces.

In Mathematics, we’ve been learning about the origin of numbers and the purpose that they hold in our lives. It may seem like a silly and obvious thing to say, but in a whirlwind of a world that likes to change ‘truth’ at an instant, as soon as it may please it, something like Mathematics stands firm. 3 will always equal 3; marvelous! Learning about the truth of numbers and what they represent, be it time, measurement or mass, paves the path for success in the practical world.

The task of designing and building a plant box is now currently at the forefront of the minds of our young ones. They’ve sketched their ideas and ruled out the precise measurements, they’ve tinkered with timber, screws and nails, and utilised different methods of making joints with hammers and drills. Ah, now comes the perfect wave.

Through years of trial and error, research, practice and listening to the greats, the surfer senses the grand wave approaching. His fitness at his peak, and his will and mind trained in resilience, create the perfect mixture to complete his task. The Years 7 and 8s, through Math class after Math class, Tech after Tech, answers right, answers wrong, researching the ideal plants, studying different methods of carpentry, now see the task approaching with the necessary theory and practice under their workmen’s belts. They are about to catch their perfect wave.

Shaughn Gilroy
Year 8 Homeroom Teacher


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The name 'THE HART' refers to a mature stag of more than five years old. Its use is now considered in a more poetic form deriving from the Middle English word hert.

The word hart can be found in many classic texts such as the Old English epic Beowulf, which names Hrothgar's royal hall Heorot after the Danish word hjort meaning "deer".

J. R. R. Tolkien uses the word hart in his book The Hobbit, especially in the scenes traveling through Mirkwood Forest.

Shakespeare's uses the word in his plays, particularly the Twelfth Night as a pun between 'hart' and 'heart'.

It is in the spirit of these great works that we decided to name our newsletter THE HART since we want our boys to grow into mature and wise men like a faun grows into the stag or hart.

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