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Hartford College Philanthropy Prospectus

Hartford College Philanthropy Prospectus

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Hartford College Donation Form

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Library Fund

Hartford College is a Catholic liberal arts high school that focuses on providing well-rounded education, developing critical thinking skills and preserving cultural and academic history through its library. The school is currently seeking donations to acquire important texts for current and future students, with a focus on core great books of Western civilization and foundational texts in various subjects. The library also works to maintain and preserve online and physical collections for the benefit of staff and students.


BSB: 062784
ACC: 100012768

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Building Fund

Hartford College's goal is to provide the best possible facilities to promote personal and academic growth. They are currently seeking donations for the Building Fund to continue providing high-quality refurbishments and to extend their existing facilities to a new building which include a library and chapel. The Building Fund will go towards adding more classrooms, science labs, mentor rooms, dedicated music and art rooms and library, to ensure that students are surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure for limitless learning.


BSB: 062784
ACC: 100012661

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Scholarship Fund

Hartford College offer scholarships to students who demonstrate excellent academic and personal potential, and for those who are facing financial hardship. The scholarships help in supporting their education, Your donations to the Scholarship Fund will help the school to continue to provide these opportunities to deserving students who may not otherwise be able to attend. They also require significant and ongoing funding to ensure a continual capital base to support the program. A gift to the Scholarship Fund can make a big impact in the lives of students, and the school is grateful for any help in opening the door for many more exceptional young men to attend the College.


BSB: 062784
ACC: 100012769


Professor Renée Köhler-Ryan

Head of School of Philosophy and Theology
University of Notre Dame

It is becoming increasingly evident that the liberal arts are the best preparation for a child’s life, no matter what challenges he may face in the future. Hartford boys will emerge from their education knowing their cultural roots and having developed imaginative ways to address problems and issues in contemporary society. The education promises to be as rich and engaging as it is rigorous and sound. The College will contribute generations of virtuous young men capable of transforming the world in their daily Christian lives.


Hon John Anderson AO FTSE

Chair of the Crawford Fund
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

I am genuinely interested in Hartford College as a place in which real and high-quality investment is made in the pastoral, mental and physical development of Australian boys, and I sincerely believe it is needed. Our children, and particularly our boys, are unquestionably the victims of the ‘culture wars‘ that now rage in our society, and the raw statistics confirm the price they are paying.

The levels of anxiety, depression and self-harm amongst our young people are unprecedented and worrying. It is beyond important that every effort is made to nurture the men of tomorrow, for their sakes and the very future of our cherished freedoms in this land of opportunity.


Dr Tim Hawkes OAM

Educator, Author & Leadership Consultant

As an educator, I'm always excited when parents engage with the schooling of their children. Research suggests parental interest in education is one of the best predictors of learning success in children.

The Hartford College initiative is an exciting example of parental collaboration and commitment to educational excellence. It deserves to flourish and all the more so given that character development and faith advancement lie at the centre of its educational offering. Dr Tim Hawkes OAMI wish Hartford College every success.