Families for Life

Families for Life

Key Parent Functions (KPFs)

Key Parent Functions (KPF) are held in Terms 1 - 3, and provide an on-going program to assist parents in their child’s education. Attendance by both parents is essential.

KPFs are typically evening seminars or workshops, conducted by experienced parents, educators, and experts. Topics include educating a child at each developmental age, addressing current issues affecting family life, parental unity, cyber safety, character and virtue development, understanding temperaments, and more.


Family Enrichment Australia (FEA) Courses

Hartford College has partnered with Family Enrichment Australia (FEA), an organisation which provides a suite of parenting courses. These are aimed towards helping parents with their relationships and family growth. Courses are available for parents with children aged anywhere between infancy to the older teen years.


Father Son Camps

Hartford’s Father-Son Camps are great opportunities to strengthen family ties, and provide additional opportunities for formation and character development.

These camps give all participants a chance to get to know each other more than they might otherwise. Fathers and sons can have quality personal time together, sharing the experience together and building memories for the future.

Mentors can also have the opportunity to see their students challenged in a different setting, and can set new goals for their personal growth and development.