A Curriculum for 21st-Century Boys

When your son leaves our school, we want him to walk confidently into university and the world. Our rich and engaging liberal arts curriculum is designed to impart well-rounded knowledge, encourage and develop critical thinking, and support digital literacy – qualities the 21st-century demands.

Walking confidently into the world

The transition from school to university to work isn’t easy. There will be obstacles along the way, and we want our boys to face them head-on. Confidence means feeling quietly sure of themselves and their abilities – it’s a conviction or belief that they can meet life’s challenges.


Liberal arts infused with heart and faith

  • Solid maths, English, science and technology core
  • Studies in history directed towards understanding our times and heritage
  • Study of a non-English modern language and culture
  • Awakening of the aesthetic through art, music, literature and drama
  • Studies in classics and the foundations of Western civilisation
  • Studies in philosophy as a basis for a love of truth and a critical mind

Co-curricular activities

We offer our boys a wide range of co-curricular activities to complement and enhance their academic studies, such as rugby, soccer, surfing, hockey, mountain biking, public speaking, debating and robotics.


Developing sporting talent and passion

We’re located in close proximity to UNSW sports facilities and programs and offer a ‘Sport for Life’ program aimed at developing the individual skills of each boy based on his talent and interests. We’re committed to fostering team participation as well as lifelong growth, bonding and enjoyment.

Easing the transition to university

Our liberal arts curriculum prepares our boys for many of the emerging liberal arts courses being increasingly offered in universities in our locale. These universities include the University of Notre Dame, Campion College and the Australian Catholic University – some of Sydney’s finest.

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Interested in learning more?

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