Our Mission, Vision and Values


Hartford’s Mission is to profoundly engage and integrate its parental and teaching community to develop students with sound moral character, well-formed faith and a life-long passion for the pursuit of truth through a classical education.



To be the best school for boys in Sydney providing a classical education to develop academic excellence and virtue-based character in the Catholic tradition.




  • Facilitating the development of Christian virtues and moral character in the Catholic tradition in the young men of Hartford College
  • Drawing vigour, commitment and vision from a deep engagement with our parental community.



  • Teaching the rich tapestry of the Catholic faith always in a spirit of well-formed freedom, encouraging young men to grow into men who flourish through the love and liberty of following God’s grace.
  • Growing a teaching group of the highest pedigree who approach their work with a spirit of support for each other, continuous learning and improvement and a single-minded desire to obtain the best outcomes for each student.
  • Supporting our educators so that maximum resources are available to provide a tailored individual experience to each pupil.



  • Engendering a spirit of self-giving generosity that produces a zeal for life and a commitment to responsibility and service to society.
  • Applying the best technologies to achieve academic excellence in all fields of educational endeavour whilst ensuring that technology is a tool and not a master.
  • Upholding the pursuit of truth as a pathway to a happy fulfilling life that contributes to and augments the broader culture.
  • Producing independent, critical, life-long learning skills in each student.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle