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Term 4 - Edition #3

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Principal's Message

Mr Frank Monagle

Mr Paul Murphy

Happy Days in Years 5 and 6

Ms. Jenny Hoare 

Mr Paul Murphy

Awards Summary

Mr Ian Mejia

From the Chaplain

Fr. Paul Grant

Principal's Message

Frank Monagle, Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Hartford,

This is the final edition of the Hart before my next attempt at retirement.  It has been an exciting time working on this project and I am especially pleased to have met many wonderful people sharing our common values and vision for education. The Liberal Arts Curriculum, together with the involvement of parents in mentoring, is unique, and is the best approach known.

As the holidays are commencing, I would like to remind the boys that it is important to keep growing in all areas of human development.  Do not let the brain shrivel because of the choices you make in your use of time.  Have a timetable for the holidays different to the school weeks – write it down. Set some targets for yourself: books to read, skills to develop, people to see, people to help, exercise to do, time for friendship, time for family or a special summer project. Plan it now or Christmas will pass before you get started. Read every day. Set a time budget for screen time in agreement with mum and dad. Set the alarm clock. Come back well rested and sharp as a tack.

Thank you to all and have a wonderful Christmas.

Warm regards,

Frank Monagle

Learning Adventures in Years 5 and 6

Ms. Jenny Hoare, Year 5 & 6 teacher

Happy Days in Years 5 and 6


As we near the conclusion of our first year at Hartford, it is delightful to reminisce about the exciting learning experiences and joyous moments that the students in Years 5 and 6 have wholeheartedly embraced. Witnessing their vibrant personalities, creative and outstanding talents, and their notable academic growth has made this year truly unforgettable and one that I will always cherish.

What an exciting and busy time the boys have experienced over the last few weeks. I am delighted with their excellent efforts and achievements in various assessment tasks, ranging from captivating poetry recitals to compelling History Migration Speeches and challenging Yearly Examinations.



Last week, the boys fully embraced the Advent Season. With the help and generosity of Penny Wright (Ben’s Mum) and Michelle Loye (Winter’s Mum), the boys were treated to the art of making gingerbread houses coated with a lavish range of lollies. Initially, the houses stood sturdy and adorned with decorations in the first hour of creation. However, as the combination of humidity and the weight of the lollies took its toll, most of the houses met an unfortunate fate. This experience provided a valuable lesson for the boys, highlighting the importance of a solid foundation and patience in various aspects of life. While, unfortunately, they couldn't bring their artistic creations home for you to see, the boys found joy in indulging in the delightful wreckage.





During the spring season, Aniko Hatoss (Jaydon’s Mum) initiated a delightful project, collecting pinecones for the boys to embellish and contribute to the creation of a beautiful Advent Wreath.  Aniko graced our class with her presence, bringing an array of stunning natural foliage and skillfully crafting a gorgeous wreath that captivated us all. It looks stunning! We were thrilled to use this beautiful wreath during our Thanksgiving Mass as we celebrated our Year 6 students completing their primary years. Aniko's creative touch extended to helping the boys individually decorate their pinecones, transforming them into charming Christmas trees. These personalized creations serve as lovely decorations for the boys to bring home.




A highlight of the year would have to be our Thanksgiving Advent Mass, a momentous occasion dedicated to commemorating the accomplishments and milestones of our Year 6 students as they graduated from their primary school years. Our Mass not only symbolised the culmination of all our students' academic journey but also served as a time to reflect on our blessings, growth, camaraderie, and the valuable experiences they have shared throughout this year. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Year 6 parents for choosing Hartford College to conclude their son's primary education.
























It was wonderful to celebrate the success of all our students at our Annual Awards Ceremony. The event not only showcased academic and co-curricular achievements but also highlighted the diverse talents and accomplishments that make our school community truly special. I would like to congratulate Winter Loye-Blinkhorn and Ben Mitchell for their outstanding performances and all award winners: Cooper Cobden, Arjun Wild, Patrick Piromalli, Leo Budge, Ben Mitchell, Joseph Wong, Winter Loye-Blinkhorn and Jaydon Hancock. Celebrating and recognizing hard work and growth is not only rewarding but also reinforces the sense of pride and accomplishment that resonates throughout our school, fostering a culture of excellence and determination among our students.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my energetic class for their hard work, positive attitude, school spirit and kindness throughout the year. I feel truly blessed to have been part of Hartford College’s first primary class. Watching the boys experience their first year at Hartford has been a privilege. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their friendships flourish and sharing their achievements and challenges. I know they have set their goals high for their future years. I am excited for each of them and will be sure to follow their journey through Hartford.

Most importantly, I would like to thank the beautiful parents. Words cannot describe how grateful and overwhelmed I am by the kindness, care, thoughtfulness, and generosity they have constantly shown me throughout the year. It makes me appreciate how much I love being a teacher. Thank you with all my heart.

To conclude, a special thank you to Mr Mendieta, Mr Monagle, Mr Mejia and all the staff for their inspiring leadership and hard work. I wish all our Hartford Community a safe, happy and holy Christmas.


Awards Summary

James Landon, Year 7 teacher

“At Hartford College, we put special emphasis on the academic achievements of students. Our academic awards celebrate the hard work, diligence, and ability of our top performing students. By celebrating academic success, we seek to cultivate an environment that values learning, encourages healthy competition, and motivates students to strive for their best. These awards serve as a tangible acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication and achievement we seek to encourage at Hartford.” James Landon (Presenter)




Awards Recipients for 2024


Extra- Curricular
Outstanding achievement outside of school
Jaydon Hancock
ICAS Awards
Year 6 - Ben Mitchell
English Credit
Science Credit
Maths Credit
Year 7 - Matthew Hiu
Science Credit
Maths Merit
Commitment and Enthusiasm to School Sport
Year 6 Patrick Piromalli
Year 6 Leo Budge
Technology and Engineering Award
Year 7 Jackson Worrall
Academic Awards
Most Improved
Year 6 Cooper Cobden
Year 6 Arjun Wilde
Year 7 Jackson Worrall
Application Award
Year 7 William Brown
Academic Excellence Award
Year 5 Joseph Wong
Year 5 Winter Loye-Blinkhorn
Year 6 Ben Mitchell
Year 7 Matthew Hiu

From the Chaplain


Fr. Paul Grant, Chaplain

One's thoughts naturally take on a more transcendental aspect as we come to the end of the first year of our educational adventure.

At Hartford, we began small and somewhat tenuously, and we have acquired some strength and solidity. We are very hopeful about the future.

The end of any year provokes thoughts of a journey, and this includes the journey of a Christian, which the chaplain obviously feels inclined to ponder on. The journey of every one is that of one day hearing the words of our God, "Well done, good and faithful servant".


It is good to have a sense of travelling to something higher and better, both for our own selves and for Hartford.
Our thoughts also naturally turn to Christmas, that wonderful time when we celebrate the birth of Our Saviour.

There is something special about the way we Christians celebrate Christmas. It is certainly a message of hope.

Hope is such an uplifting virtue. As Anne Frank says "“Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”
Anyway, wishing everyone - students, their parents and all the staff - a Merry Christmas.

Important Announcements and Reminders

Reminder: Please refer to Compass for your 2024 stationary lists, and ensure that you have acquired their contents for your son for the new school year.


2024 Term Dates


2024 Term Dates

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The name 'THE HART' refers to a mature stag of more than five years old. Its use is now considered in a more poetic form deriving from the Middle English word hert.

The word hart can be found in many classic texts such as the Old English epic Beowulf, which names Hrothgar's royal hall Heorot after the Danish word hjort meaning "deer".

J. R. R. Tolkien uses the word hart in his book The Hobbit, especially in the scenes traveling through Mirkwood Forest.

Shakespeare's uses the word in his plays, particularly the Twelfth Night as a pun between 'hart' and 'heart'.

It is in the spirit of these great works that we decided to name our newsletter THE HART since we want our boys to grow into mature and wise men like a faun grows into the stag or hart.

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