Hartford Student Code of Conduct

17 January 2023

Hartford Student Code of Conduct

17 January 2023

Hartford Student Code of Conduct 

The Hartford Student Code of Conduct is designed to offer clarity and guidance around specific details of College life. It is a dynamic code of conduct and is reviewed annually to provide effective guidelines in an ever-changing environment. These guidelines aim to ensure Hartford College is a safe, happy, and inclusive learning community where every student can flourish. 

Students need to be aware that they represent the school even at times outside the school gates, for example when travelling to and from school, on an excursion or camp, and at times in online environments. In certain circumstances the College may find it necessary to respond to incidents that occur outside of the College. 




  • A Hartford student should value the truth and be consistent in their words and actions in doing what is right. 


  • A Hartford student treats himself, and others with unwavering respect. 
  • A Hartford student uses good manners demonstrating consideration of others. 
  • For example: 
  • Offering polite greetings to others, 
  • Opening doors for others, 
  • Show respect and appreciation to opposition competitors, 
  • Hands-off other students and their belongings, 
  • Be punctual to class and scheduled events. 

Personal Excellence

  • A Hartford student aims to be the best version of themselves. 
  • A Hartford student is industrious and diligent in their studies, resilient in the face of challenge and adversity. 



Students are expected to attend all Term days including all assemblies, sports events, camps, excursions, and other extra-curricular activities for their class. 

Each day a roll is taken during the Admin period and at the end of the day. 

  • Students arriving after the Admin period must sign in at the front office before moving to class. 
  • Parents/Guardians must contact the school if their son is to be absent on any given day. 
  • After two consecutive days of absence a medical certificate is required and can be uploaded via Compass. 


Uniform and Personal Presentation 

The uniform at Hartford College is to be worn with pride demonstrating the high ideals we hold as a College. The uniform should be worn in its entirety and not mixed with other items of clothing. 

Students travelling to and from school are required to wear the uniform in its entirety. 

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 and 4).

  • Hartford tie  
  • Hartford blue short-sleeved shirt 
  • Hartford shorts 
  • Hartford knee-high socks 
  • Black polished leather shoes 

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3).

  • Hartford tie  
  • Hartford Blazer 
  • Hartford navy pullover (optional under the blazer) 
  • Hartford blue long-sleeved shirt 
  • Hartford long pants 
  • Black/Brown leather belt 
  • Black/Navy socks 
  • Black polished leather shoes 

Sports Uniform (Sports days, sporting events, some excursions).

  • Hartford baseball cap 
  • Hartford sports polo top 
  • Hartford sports shorts 
  • White socks 
  • Rubber soled sports’ shoes  

Personal Presentation

  • Students are to be clean shaven 
  • Hair must be neatly groomed, not artificially coloured, and not extend past the collar in length. (No undercuts, shave designs, buns, ponytails, or very short styles are permitted) 
  • Shirts must be clean pressed and in good condition. 
  • No jewellery other than a wristwatch should be worn to school. 


School Grounds and Property 

Students must respect the facilities of the College and not purposely damage or deface School Property. For safety reasons students must obey the out-of-bounds areas appropriate for each section of the College. Any damage to school property should be reported to the supervising teacher immediately. 

Supervision at the College begins at 8:10am before school and extends to 3:30pm after school. Students must remain visible in the main quadrangle during these times. 

Classroom Order

  • Classrooms must be kept in an orderly working environment. 
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted inside classrooms and learning areas. 
  • Students should not use classrooms unless a supervising teacher is present. 
  • At the end of the day the class is left orderly and windows and doors are locked. 

Playground Areas

  • Students will eat their recess/lunch before playing. 
  • All rubbish must be placed in bins. 
  • Hats are required for play in uncovered areas. 
  • Students must play respectfully with other students and respect College facilities. 


Use of IT 

Appropriate use of IT at Hartford College aims to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all. 

Hartford College will provide students with their own device, Microsoft account, email address, and access to the school Wi-Fi for their school device. Please ensure you have read the Student IT Acceptable Use Policy as well as the Hartford Student Laptop Agreement. 

Mobile Phones and Personal Devices

  • Students are discouraged from bringing mobile phones and personal electronic devices to school.  
  • Mobile phones must not be seen or heard when inside the College gates from 8:15am – 3:30pm, otherwise they will be confiscated. 
  • If students need to contact parents or vice a versa during the school day they can  do so through the School Office.  For example, if there is a change to student pick up arrangements. 

Social Media / Gaming

  • Students must not bring disrepute to the College in any online environment. 
  • Bullying and harassment is not permitted online environments, including but not limited to; social media, gaming, and discussion boards. The school may investigate and intervene in some matters that involve students of the College.